Our mission: To lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Primary Win: To effectively inspire and equip students to develop a faith of their own, share it with friends, and keep it when they leave us.


  1. Students attend OHC_Middle School/OHC_High School
  2. Students attend special events (Yearly events, Mission trips, retreats)
  3. Students are a part of a small group
  4. Students take a next step (gain a relationship with Jesus Christ).
  5. Students grow in their faith
  6. OHC_Middle and OHC_High School students volunteer, invest and invite their friends.
  7. Volunteer leaders are retained.
  8. Students are cared for when they leave.


  1. We find great people and give them a healthy culture in which to grow and connect with students. 
  2. We create shared, quality experiences built around biblical truth.  We do this through:
    -Sunday morning/afternoon
    -Mission trips and retreats
    -Small groups
  3. Parent Ministry creates avenues for parents to utilize the resources in 1 and 2