At Orchard Hills, our desire is to help people become “mature and complete, lacking nothing” (James 1:4). There are several ways in which we help people grow in (or begin) their relationship with Jesus:



Orchard Hills Church is focused on seeing God’s Kingdom grow here on earth through the making of disciples (followers of Jesus) and planting (starting) new churches that share that same purpose. We have been affiliated with the Anglican Church in Rwanda since our founding and continue to maintain that relationship. We have learned a great deal from them as it relates to being missional. For example, their typical ordained pastor oversees four or more churches. The church is growing so fast that they are struggling to keep up with the demand for theologically trained leaders. Honestly, that is exciting to us and we want to be a part of a movement of God like that.

Along with the practical lessons we are learning we also receive great spiritual guidance from them.They have lived through multiple genocides, the latest being the genocide of 1994 when approximately one million of their people were murdered by their fellow countrymen. Despite this horrific tragedy, they have exhibited the power of forgiveness in ways we hope we in the US never have to experience. Their practical application of biblical truth along with their grounding in the historic, biblical faith of the Anglican Church have been an amazing blessing to us over the years.

Orchard Hills also enjoys relationships with other like-minded, gospel-centered churches in the US through its partnership with the Christ Together Network. As Christ Together, we are seeing faithful leaders and churches partner together to see the whole Church bring the whole Gospel to the whole Nation. We are churches and kingdom leaders, networks and denominations, and we desire to serve churches and their leaders through providing a way for THE CHURCH to join God on His mission. We initiate conversations and create environments for kingdom leaders to pray, learn, strategize and act in concert with God’s mission in their community, town, city or region.

People Investing in People for Eternity.


The vision for Orchard Hills Church (OHC) was birthed by the leadership team at Church of the Holy Spirit (CHS) in Roanoke, Virginia in 1997. Their long term vision was to plant a similar style church 15-20 miles away in Botetourt County in 5 years. In 2002 the decision was made to send Scott McLucas, Administrative Pastor for CHS, and his family along with 49 adults and 42 children from CHS to plant Orchard Hills. A significant investment of people and financial resources were committed to help ensure the success of this new venture.

The initial core group met in the basement fellowship hall of CHS throughout the summer of 2002 as they developed community amongst themselves, implemented teams and strategies for doing ministry and began looking for a meeting place in Botetourt County. After an extensive search, an opportunity arose to purchase the Valley Christian Center on Cloverdale Road. The facility was being used as a church and day care center at the time, was located on a major road, and encompassed 9 acres. The purchase details were worked out and Orchard Hills closed on the property in December 2002. January 2003 marked the start of Sunday morning services with just over 100 people in attendance. Within a year the average Sunday attendance was over 200 and by 2010 that number more than doubled as an additional service time was added. Currently the average Sunday Attendance is approximately 500. Steady growth and a focus on small groups over the years have created a vibrant church that has helped make the community a better place. People truly are investing in people for eternity at Orchard Hills!

From the beginning, the church has been significantly involved in local and global missions from the start. This young church has been blessed to give away an estimated $1.5 million dollars to date and is looking forward to giving away even more. Local partnerships have been established with organizations such as Young Life, Straight Street, Blue Ridge Women’s Center, The Rescue Mission and the Red Shield Lodge to name a few. Globally we have partnerships in Rwanda, the Philippines, Japan, the Dominican Republic and are exploring other opportunities. OHC has also maintained a focus on planting churches and has helped plant two churches in the NRV, one in Lynchburg, one in Yorktown, one in Salem, one in the Grandin/Raleigh Court area of Roanoke and one in Lexington, VA. Additionally we have established a Homework Helps Program, Summer Enrichment Program and pre-school designed to meet the needs of underprivileged children and families in our community under the umbrella of the Orchard Hills Achievement Center. Our latest development has been the Orchard Hills Day School that provides the finest care and education for newborn children through preschool and an afterschool program for elementary aged students. God has continued to grow and stretch our vision and it has resulted in an exciting place to be.

Speaking of growth, we have just completed the first two phases of a four phased expansion of our facilities. We now have a 16,000 square foot children’s and youth building that is simply amazing! Once children come in they don’t want to leave. Check out our indoor play area with a slide that connects the second and first floors and meet our awesome staff and volunteers and you will know why. We also have new office space to accommodate our talented staff and are anxiously awaiting the start of a new sanctuary that will seat 800 along with the renovation of our current sanctuary into a beautiful common area with a commercial kitchen. Things are always changing at OHC so stop by and see for yourself.