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Scott's Bio

Hometown: Hockessin, DE

Family:  My wife Carolyn and I met at JMU. She has been an elementary school teacher and counselor and is currently teaching first grade at Greenfield Elementary. We have seven children: Andrew is our oldest and he is an officer in the United States Army (Go Army Beat Navy!). Then we have Alan and his wife Sarah who live in Zambia and serve special needs individuals and their families. Mary Kathryn is on Young Life Staff in Clemson, SC while  Lindsey has recently graduated from James Madison University and will be joining the Fellow’s Program in Virginia Beach. If they weren’t enough, we also have three younger sons; Craig, Sam and Cody who are in elementary school. Carolyn and I are clearly very blessed and very tired!

Education: BBA James Madison University, MBA Wake Forest University and theological training from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Background: I had 10 years of management experience at Allstate Insurance Company before going into full-time ministry as an Administrative Pastor. In 2003, I became the Founding Pastor of Orchard Hills Church. I also have worked with Young Life for 20+ years in various leadership capacities.

My passion at Orchard Hills: To see people invest their lives in other people for the sake of eternity.

Something not many people know about me: I can juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time.

Favorite illustration of a biblical truth: I love the dresser illustration. We tend to prioritize God, family, work, and recreation like drawers in a dresser. We may say that God is the top drawer but that is not often reality for most of us. Reality is that God is not content with being one of the drawers in the dresser of our lives that we prioritize by moving Him up or down. God is the dresser!

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