The Word of our Testimony: Kurt Goddard

In tandem with our sermon series on the Book of Acts, we thought it would be helpful if the leadership of the church each shared their testimony. Testimonies are powerful. They’re personal stories of what God has done in our lives. Along with the blood of Jesus, Revelation 12:11 says that we overcome the Enemy by the “word of our testimony.” Our hope is that through this series of articles, your faith will be strengthened, you’ll get to know all of us better, and you’ll see that Jesus can and does redeem all kinds of people in all kinds of ways.

Sutton keeps asking me for my testimony for the eNews and I keep telling him I don’t have one. I think I have always thought this because I feel as though my faith is growing and changing all the time. I think I believed that I wasn’t “there yet” or that my walk was inferior to some of my colleagues or friends.

As most people know, I grew up in Africa. My home was 50% Christian; my mother and I were Christians, while my brother and father were not. I was baptized as a baby but confirmed my faith in Jesus when I was twelve years old. Although my mother was a Christian and would make us go to church, my godmother, Janet, was one of the main reasons I was a believer. When there wasn’t much else in my life to give me a reason for believing in God, Janet was always confident in the existence, power, and presence of God. When I was a child, she was miraculously and instantly healed from ovarian cancer and a terminal diagnosis, and would go on to live 30 more years. This forever impacted my faith.

During high school, my saving grace was my awesome youth group. I formed amazing friendships there, and at the time had no idea the deep seeds of faith that were being planted. I could easily have gone one of two ways, but luckily my youth group became the popular place to hang out. Although I wasn’t living a very “Christian” lifestyle, I attended youth group religiously and the foundations of my faith were being laid by my Youth Pastor, Dave, without my awareness.

When I was 17, I was recruited to come play Rugby in America with an athletic scholarship. I packed up everything I owned into two bags and flew halfway across the world to start a new life. I thought I was a big deal ...I was wrong. And for a few years, let’s just say, I lost my way. Although I thought I was a Christian, something was always missing. I believed in God and I felt like I was a good person, and therefore I must be a great Christian. Wrong.

I decided to get back to the church. After looking at a few churches, we walked into Orchard Hills and I immediately felt like this is where I belonged. I felt like God was speaking directly to me and my faith began to grow. I realized that what I was missing was a relationship with God.

A couple years later I quit my job with “corporate America” to take up a position at the church, and I haven’t looked back since. Almost weekly now I feel like something else happens that causes my faith to grow. I now see that God was able to use every mistake I made along the way to make me into the man that I am today. As it says in Romans 8:28, "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." I’m not proud of who I was, but I think that I am becoming the man that I was made to be. I guess the reason that I told Sutton that I don’t have a testimony is because I feel like it’s always changing, growing, and getting stronger daily. I can’t wait to see how God uses me in the future.

Kurt Goddard
Media and Video Director